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design your own skateboard art

design your own skateboard!

Studio Art Project Menu

Paint Your Own Plaster 

Larger scale pieces priced Higher.


Make it Beautiful with our imported Glass and Tiles.


Explore the possibilities of clay…….Bake and paint.

Mirror and Brush Set

Embellish with Decoupage, Bling, Clay and More!


Personalize and Design with Style.


Create a one of a kind fashion find!

Belt Buckle

Turn a Metal Blank to a Work of Art!

Plaster Molds

Make your very own plaster form using studio molds….Ready to paint in twenty minutes!

T-Shirts (Long-Sleeved)

Create a Fashionista(o) Inspired Design.

Mixed Media Canvas

Canvas priced by Size.  What a perfect Family Project!

“UGG” Style Boots

Paint them, Bling them-Create a Fashion Trend!


With the studio supplies the “posh” ibilities are endless!


A Perect “Canvas” for learning Technique!


Design a One-of-a Kind Pair…Bling…Dye…Use your Imagination!

Design a Messenger Bag/hobo/ruffle tote













Decorate Canvas SNEAKERS!

Design a Tee Shirt

Design Your Own Denim Jacket

Decorate a Baseball Cap

Decorate Your Own Flip Flops

Bling Out Ugg Style Boots, Yoga Pants, and Sweatshirts

Create Your Own Signature Perfume SCENT!

Make Recycled Art


Decorate Your Own Umbrella

Design a Pillowcase

Design a Sports Ball

Design Belts and Buckles

Design and Bling  Leather Moccasins